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vPass is a Secure Visitor Management Solution that streamlines the process of visitor enrollment and management whilst ensuring the safety and security of your facility.

Features Include:

  • Online Visitor Enrollment
  • ID Card Generation.
  • User Notification via Email and SMS.
  • Visitor Self Enrollment.
  • Device Registration.
  • Access control Integration.

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Our Comprehensive School Management Solution that automates all basic school administration procedure. it can be customised to fit Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Tertiary instituions and Professional Institutions. Features include;

  • Online Admissions Management.
  • Course/Subject Registration and Management.
  • Online Exams Administration.
  • Fees Management.
  • Parents Portal.
  • Results Checkling.
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POS Solution

Made for Stores, Pharmacies and Super Markets, Our Point of Sale (POS) Solution allows you effectively manage your stock, sales, expenses and products. being web-based, It is easily integratable with almost any PC type, operating system and device type.

  • Stock/Inventory Management
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Comprehensive Notification System
  • Products Management
  • Users Management
  • Reports Management
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This Solution serves to help project managers, business owners, freelancers and general managers keep track of esential project or product items. Key Modules listed.

  • Sales Module (Covers invoicing, proposal, estimates, Leads Management etc.)
  • Customer Relations Module (Customer Information as and support options)
  • Finance Module (Expenditure, Purchases, Profit/Loss Reports etc)
  • Project Management Module (Handles Tasks assignment, Gant Diagram, Milestones, deadlines Etc.)
  • Users Management Module
  • Reports Module
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